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China has a separate GPU: Innosilicon Fenghua No.1 with chipsets, GDDR6X and support for DirectX and games

Partea interesanta e ca majoritatea siturilor de specialitate din vest insista pe ideea ca nu ar putea fi folosita si pentru gaming ci doar pentru prelucrari de date in servere. Doar ca specificatiile momentan cunoscute ii contrazic, placa avand tot ce trebuie pentru a fi utilizata si pentru aplicatii desktop si gaming.

"A new standalone GPU manufacturer has emerged in China. Innosilicon claims to have a chip GPU that uses GDDR6X memory and allows you to play games, including those for DirectX on Windows." ;D

Inca nu se cunosc detalii despre performanta si nici despre data lansarii pe piata.

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Data lansarii: close to never.

Gaming perf cam pe la 750 ti.

E o chinezarie, nu te poti astepta la miracole.

Dar ar fi bine daca ma insel ...
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Si 3090 e tot in china produsa, asta cu "e o chinezarie" e demult fumata. Poate ca n`au suficient know-how acum dar tot ce au aratat pana acum e ca pot recupera handicapul imediat.

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Una e designed in China, alta e produced in China :)
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Si 3090 e tot in china produsa, asta cu "e o chinezarie" e demult fumata. Poate ca n`au suficient know-how acum dar tot ce au aratat pana acum e ca pot recupera handicapul imediat.

Si iPhone-ul, si mai tot altceva. Your point being???

Chinezarie nu se refera la productie ci la R&D si motivatie.

Hint: si Nike si Mike sunt produse in China. Mike ii gasesti in piata la Obor la 30 lei. Nike nu. Te las pe tine sa ghicesti de ce. Asta daca poti.
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Inteleg ca placa video Chinezaria se va gasi doar in tari sarace cum este Romania, ar fi o veste buna dar nu cred ca s-au chinuit sa produca o placa video ca sa ceara putin pe ea, probabil ca o vor vinde la baieti cu bani din tari bogate.
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In prima faza va fi doar pentru China. Si nu cred ca au pus GDDR6X (din care doar Nvidia mai foloseste deocamdata) pe o placa de 2 lei.
"Fenghua No. 1" GPU is the industry's first rendering GPU that adopts the world's top GDDR6X high-bandwidth video memory technology and cutting-edge technologies such as Innolink chiplet. China's patented physical unclonable encryption PUF technology, PCIe 4.0, HDMI2.1, DP/ Self-developed advanced technologies such as eDP 1.4 have also gathered in one core. "Fenghua No. 1" is the first domestically compatible 4K high-definition desktop and high-performance server-grade GPU, supporting domestic Linux, Android, and Windows operating systems; supporting mainstream graphics frameworks such as OpenGL/OpenGLES/OpenCL/Vulkan/DX; supporting VR /AR/AI; Smoothly supports data center-level multi-user application scenarios such as multi-channel cloud games, cloud mobile phones, cloud office, and cloud desktops. The successful tape-out of "Fenghua No. 1" demonstrates the strong strength and low-key style of Inspur in the custom development of advanced technology IP and GPU."(innosilicon)
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@astateofmind Vezi daca poti sa numai faci flame.

Altfel nu stiu ce crezi tu ca face de ex Huawei dar sunt produse de top si nu ma refer la telefoane.

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