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The future of Internet
« on: 16 March 2019, 15:39 »
In principiu tema Internetului e un subiect foarte complex, care implica diverse opinii de la tehnologie pana la filozofie.

"Tim Berners-Lee, la sfârșitul anilor 1980, a creat o modalitate prin care informațiile să poată fi partajate cu ușurință utilizând hipertextul prin intermediul World Wide Web."

The Death of the Internet

"The internet was meant to be open, free, and decentralized, but today it is controlled by a few companies with grave consequences for society and the economy. The internet has become the opposite of what it was intended to be."
"Intended to be open, free, and decentralized, it's now dominated by a handful of companies that control what we see and what we can say."(Jonathan Tepper)

In zilele noastre, acelasi Tim Berners-Lee cauta solutii pentru a reda utilizatorilor posibilitatea de a-si relua controlul asupra datelor pe care le furnizeaza.

In paranteza fie spus, asta nu cred ca va fi pe placul autoritatilor, iar ceea ce vrea sa faca Berners-Lee e cu totul revolutionar... 8)

"Today, Berners-Lee thinks the internet is broken. In a 2018 interview with Vanity Fair, he recalled its early days. “The spirit there was very decentralized,” Berners-Lee said. “The individual was incredibly empowered. It was all based on there being no central authority that you had to go to to ask permission. That feeling of individual control, that empowerment, is something we’ve lost.”

Berners-Lee is taking a break from his work at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to launch Inrupt, a startup that he has been working on for the past nine months. His mission is to decentralize the internet, reclaim power from tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and allow individuals to control their own data."

Inrupt - How Tim Berners-Lee's Inrupt project plans to fix the web


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The future of Internet
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Facebook e agentie de spionaj pe fata, nici nu mai conteaza ce se intampla acolo.